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Lincoln Chafee Highlights Specifics of Jobs Plan that Will Spur Economic Growth

October 24, 2010

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Lincoln Chafee Highlights Specifics of Jobs Plan that Will Spur Economic Growth

(Warwick, Rhode Island, October 22, 2010) Lincoln Chafee, independent candidate for Governor, today highlighted several provisions of his “100 Days for Jobs” plan that focus on concrete steps to create jobs and spur economic growth.

Chafee pointed to expansion of the recently announced statewide fiber optic network, improved technical and infrastructure support for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses, and fairness in the business tax system as three of the concrete initiatives he will focus on as Governor to spur job creation and economic growth.

“These are just a few examples of the specific measures in my ‘100 Days for Jobs’ plan that will encourage growth in our economy,” Chafee said. “We must support and cultivate small and medium-sized bu sinesses and entrepreneurs. Small firms are the backbone of our state, and we must take real steps to support them and encourage them to create good, high-paying jobs for Rhode Islanders.”

Chafee’s “100 Days for Jobs” plan calls for “an investment in developing the ultra high speed internet connectivity that can put Rhode Island in the forefront of the technological revolution.” Several weeks after the plan was released, OSHEAN ( announced plans for a $32 million fiber optic network that will link 20 of its nonprofit members, including Brown University, the City of Providence, Lifespan hospitals, the Rhode Island Division of Information Technology, the University of Rhode Island and the U.S. Naval War College. Chafee proposes expansion of this connectivity in the coming years to ensure that it is available to entrepreneurs and small businesses, particularly those in the Knowledge District, which Chafee has cited as an area ripe for job-creating development. Additionally, Chafee plans to implement his electronic vision of government by having all state services make use of the fiber optic system.

Chafee gave additional details of his proposal to have the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) develop a small and medium-sized business service plan within his first 30 days as Governor. Chafee has pledged to direct the EDC to “create a library of information to allow small businesses to have access to the same information large businesses have in making business decisions.” These databases are usually only financially available to large businesses, leaving small businesses at a disadvantage. This approach has doubled the number of jobs and tripled sales tax revenues in similar businesses where it has been implemented.

Finally, Chafee is committed to ensuring that the tax burden does not grow excessive for any one element of the business community, and that small businesses are not unfairly or disproportionately taxed over large firms. Chafee pledges to launch a yearly examination of the tax system to ensure that no one segment of the business community is paying an excessive amount.

After highlighting these aspects of his jobs plan and discussing his vision for spurring economic growth in Rhode Island, Chafee contrasted his own plan with those of his opponents.

“Thus far, I’m the only candidate for Governor to put forth concrete, realistic measures for bringing job creation to Rhode Island,” Chafee said. “My plan focuses on real change to create jobs and grow our economy. My opponents offer gimmicks and giveaways, or they promise to cut taxes and grow the economy without explaining how they’ll do it. I think that on November 2nd the voters will recognize that I’m the only candidate offering real plans to get our state working again.”

Lincoln Chafee, former Mayor of Warwick and former US Senator, seeks to become the first independent Governor in Rhode Island history, running on a platform of honesty, proven experience and political independence.

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